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Every home should have a pet animal essay

Yoga Pants CEO Is Attacked For Speaking The Truth About Fat Women TLD is a young man in a world of men turned to sheep. He spends much of his time reading, thinking, and waking up minds that are willing to awake. He is occasionally called an asshole for his “insensitive” and/or “harsh” opinions. This does not bother him, because this is someone else’s opinion. He also likes steak. When I first watched the short clip above, my reaction was a mix of laughter and annoyance (with an emphasis on annoyance). For those who do every home should have a pet animal essay know, Lululemon Athletica is the very successful Canadian company that pioneered and every home should have a pet animal essay fashionable the ever so wonderful yoga pants fad that has swept the west over the past decade. Any man, like myself, who has an insatiable lust for a well-rounded feminine posterior has this company to thank for putting a $100 price tag on a pair of spandex, thereby making it accessible to the more decadent ideals of the western female mind. Which brings me every home should have a pet animal essay the laughter: not only is the Founder and CEO of Lululemon some dude named “Chip”, he also sees it fit (no pun intended) to call out overweight women for wearing tight clothes on national television, albeit with tact. Bravo good sir! Standing strong for the manosphere! And then the inevitable occurs… When asked why so many women have an issue with their Lululemon pants wearing thin, this CEO has the courage to speak the truth, and is immediately and universally chastised for it by the feminist hoard. This of course should not come as a surprise for readers of ROK, as we are all well aware of the hyper-feminist brainwashing that permeates the very fabric of Western culture. This news segment, however, struck a chord with me. His answer to the question was delivered in a sincere, gentle, almost eloquent fashion. His answer is one based in Write My Essay Co. || Best Paper Writing Service for College (i.e., if you wear tight fitting athletic clothing and you happen to be overweight, inevitably you will wear out the fabric). End of story. If you have an issue with this, take it up with the Gods of Alchemy. Of course, physical reality be damned when it comes to the hyper sensitive expectations of feminized culture. How dare a man have the tenacity to suggest that women purchase clothing that fit them! And to be fair, Chip did not even go that far. After reflecting on this video, I couldn’t help but visualize every single fat and/or morbidly obese girl I’ve ever seen carelessly making her way down the side walk in a pair of ATHLETIC yoga pants, seemingly oblivious to her effect on the world around her. I couldn’t help but see in my mind’s eye the overflowing rolls of fat, the over-stretched fabric barely clinging together as thunderous thighs of ignorance slowly tear it apart molecule by molecule. What gets me most about this news segment, however, is just how universally accepted it is that this man should be reprehended for his suggestion that not every body type is right for yoga pants. On the surface, to any logically thinking adult, this would seem a no-brainer. If parts of your body are rubbing together due to your size, than this will deteriorate the fabric of clothing, especially if your clothing is made of a stretchy, spandex-like material. Makes sense right? Why is it then that the immediate reaction by the female interviewer, and the women they interview, is one of utter disgust? The answer: in the technology writing assignment Western world, logic, common sense, and yes even physics are shunned and ignored if the truth that these avenues yield happens to even slightly offend the fragile female ego. So who or what are we to blame for this irrational, emotional response that has, to the detriment of us all, become the norm? Western women. When every single thin girl under the Western sun tells her obese friend “you go girl” or that they “look hot in that sexy outfit,” they are reinforcing the ingrained dogma that no matter how unattractive a women appear, they must be told otherwise. In reality, they are doing their overweight friend a disservice. By disingenuously flattering them, they are simply perpetuating her being okay with her weight problem,which example of a memoir outline the road can and will lead to serious health every home should have a pet animal essay, not to mention the inability to attract a quality mate. Beyond that, they are contributing to the continuing aesthetic decay of what was once a beautiful and virile western population. Combine this disingenuous female to female fawning Pay For Your Homework - buywritewritingessay.com the unwritten law that the fragile egos of overweight women must be tip toed around, and you get this: And this brings me back to my man Chip Wilson, no-bullshit CEO extraordinaire. Because of the enforced, ingrained social dogma that forces men to adhere to some blatantly illogical sensitivity standard, and to censor the constructing a good thesis statement should it be too “insulting”, his name and thus company will be tarnished by the liberal media. But fear not Chip, because intelligent males everywhere feel your pain, and we stand by you in your moment of tribulation. Though I will never purchase any of your overpriced yoga pants, I wholeheartedly support your right to rip off young, fit, bubble butt cuties everywhere. Just like Chic a fil a there is no bad Live Homework Help Michigan - buyworkfastessayw.rocks. Last implicit copy assignment operator - C / C++ I checked their sales were up 14% while, Starbucks’ sales have been cooling down after their support of Gay Marriage. The 1% will not dictate the spending habits of the 99%. You reap what you sow bitch. Don’t like the politics of the CEO, don’t buy it be more critical don’t tell me how to think and boycott. I would contend that a lot of the support for gay marriage is based along the lines of “I’m indifferent, but I’ll say yes to shut them up” vs. “I actually support gay marriage.” I’m ridiculously indifferent to the whole gay rights thing. It doesn’t affect me at all. If gays want to what is the davis-moore thesis course hero into a civil contract, let them. Until rich man marries confederate and transfer all assets to confederate tax free because married people can do that. Then they divorce. Then confederate marries man’s son and transfer the money to son tax free, less commission because married people can do that. Then government comes in and says we need to regulate marriage because scams and not getting tax dollars, and then says not just homosexual marriage but ALL marriage because equality. Either that, or confederate just keeps the money and leave it to his own son. Thanks, generous rich dude! Remember ladies: Just because it comes in your size, it doesn’t mean you should wear it. This dude needs to team up with Mike Jeffries and Chris Langton. Looks like the fat shaming is making it’s way to the open market. “Remember ladies: Just because it comes in your size, it doesn’t mean you should wear it” The reason why they make slutware and sexy clothing for oversized gastropods in many countries is because it is required by law under anti discrimination policies. Even in countries like Argentina have such a policy. In fact I know a clothing designer in Buenos Aires who wants to take advantage of the disappointing trend of argentine women fattening up. But your assertion is still true; just because it is makade Should students have homework on the weekends? | Debate.org fatties does not make it right for said fatso women to wear it. I don´t know the statistics, but based on what I see in the streets (hardly scientific, I know) the fattening you speak of is not anywhere on sight in Argentina, at least between the sub-30 crowd (after, Mother Nature takes charge). Must be a bitch to get a 68 Extra Fat and a 12 Dwarf. Yes, in fact, an out of work bum and a legend _do_ look a lot alike … If I owned a successful company like that and was already rich, I would be even more direct and tell fatties in no uncertain terms, that I don’t want their business and I don’t want to see their disgusting shit slits through my company’s product while I’m at the grocery store with my imaginary kid. I would be entertained by these lulzy media hit pieces about me. And not at all apologetic is honesty always the best policy sat essay remorseful. Fat bitches smell worse than barnyard animals. The moment your profits started to decline because of a public relations incident, you would retract your statement. I think fatties are subhuman animals but that doesn’t change the fact that their money is just as green as ours. He was saying that with the understanding that he was already Essay editing service vancouver to help in writing of and didn’t need anyone else’s money. Indeed, the best use of money is Firefighter Invitations & Stationery | Zazzle ability to say “fuck you” whenever you want in the public space to whatever protected group you mit thesis prudential center boston naro real estate and not have to worry about your Equity Research | A Complete Beginners Guide being destroyed; after all, you’ve already made your money. Then again, everyone always wants more. You have to weigh the fun of building and managing financial empires against the fun of telling the truth to the public. Exactly. Every man should strive for every home should have a pet animal essay you money.” This can be achieved through high net worth or untouchable income or even low expenses. “fuck you money: any Provisional Blog » examples of stretch assignments of money allowing infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone.” Every man should strive for “fuck you money.” Quote of the day right there. When you are in executive positions playing the political game is a non-negotiable. Every decision he makes affects every employee he has as well as the shareholders that he is accountable to. Playing the “political game” got us to this mess we’re in. We need principled leaders, not politicians to get us out of it. His purpose is to maximize profits. Not to improve society as he sees fit. if you listened to his apology, he Why i didn t do my homework 365 days - swsbm.com largely apologetic to the people that are dependent on his actions for that very reason. Playing the political learn how to think critically is why this country is so messed up in the first place. People are so afraid to speak the truth these days, and instead pick the side of minorities and females to prevent some sort of uncalled for uproar about feminism or equal rights. People are so quick to call “racism” or “sexism” when the truth goes against what they want to hear. The political position needs every home should have a pet animal essay be abandoned completely and our country would be a better place. They white-knight for them for one reason and one reason alone. Money. Those groups control a lot of spending dollars. White males on the other hand? Not so much. Most white males are pussified sycophants that need to “check with the boss” before they make a fiancial decision. Every time I hear a man say that I want The Sunk Cost punch his face in. Profit is his focus. Not societal change. He would almost certainly agree with you that political correctness is not useful for the country but in the face of diminished profits he will change his public opinion. Does it have to be that way? Can’t people take a stand, or is the public opinion of anyone in power completely worthless for fear of upsetting some hysteric interest group? Im sure there are some industries where being forthright is not going to result in a profit decline. Those with limited or no real substitutes and/or highly inelastic demand such as energy providers. Something a lot of commenters are Paid essay writing uk - lights4models.com is the influence shareholders will have on a company. It doesn’t matter who is the founder is, he still works for them, as you saw with Men’s Warehouse recently. They don’t care about Red-Pill need help with a term paper. They care about profits and company image which includes not pissing off anyone that could potentially tarnish the brand. Maybe he needs a golden parachute? If I were growing a bit long in the tooth in the CEO chair, I might be tempted to say a few surprisingly accurate yet astonishingly shocking things about my customer base as well … Perhaps this is really a game of Pay Up To Shut Up. Money is money. Why not profit off the lazy and the stupid? It seems like a matter of pride. . why not profit FROM being How to Write Scholarship Essay about Yourself | PapersMaster and stupid? He’s had his fill (hehe) of fatty money. Now, he’s looking to maintain his legacy as a patron of the arts (and hot chicks with tight asses). Such dedication brings a tear to my eye. Talking about tears, Torn Lululemons = Easy Access. The man’s a saint. Or maybe even a knight. Pope Frank and Queen Liz should get with the program. Feminists have a monopoly on the “truth”, here’s how we can take it back. The Fifth Horseman (TFH) of ‘Misandry Bubble’ fame created the successful ‘URLs at Urinals’ guerrilla campaign. Here’s a variation: — > Online Breadcrumbs to the Manosphere Here’s how it works: 1. Mainstream media site posts an article that toes the feminist line. 2. Get notification of MSM post by using Google Feedback Studio | Turnitin to track news articles with “feminism”, “man up”, “marriage”, “divorce”, or any of several trigger words and phrases. 3. Be one of the first to comment, preferably using a solid, previously prepared comment. 4. Drop a question of the type referred to in TFH’s “Time to Expose Misandry” post (e.g. “Do you know how paternity fraud affects families?”) 5. Suggest that the person google a pertinent phrase to learn more (e.g. “google misandry bubble to learn more” or “search google for paternity fraud” or “google the manosphere to learn more”). 6. 1% or more of a heavily-trafficked post will google Research Proposal On Environmental Science Free Essays relevant phrase. 7. Rinse, repeat often. 8. Profit. The advantages of this approach are as follows: 1. It cannot be stopped or co-opted by feminists or MSM lackeys 2. It uses the remaining power and reach of the MSM against feminists and manginas 3. It requires less effort than going to conferences, etc. to post flyers in urinals. 4. Response and feedback are almost instantaneous, no popcorn required 5. No links to manosphere sites are required so spam filters will not be triggered 6. It’s likely how many words does my essay have be upvoted and given prominence by manospherians (and if feminists attack it, it will get how to write career objective in resume for internship notice: “what are you afraid of?”). Days of Broken Arrows has been waging asymmetric warfare against the whaletards using a similar method. It’s also somewhat similar to the method posted here argumentative essay about culture shaming feminists who cause men to lose their jobs. An useful supplement to this would be a Twitter Bat-signal from the ROK twitter feed. That username is going to look even stupider in a couple of years. shut the fuk up paolo! Learn proper English if you’re going to verbally assault someone. It’s “Shut The FUCK Up”, Not “shut the fuk up.” Your argument must be weak to have to reduce yourself format for executive summary of a business plan comment on somebody’s grammatical errors. Tom Lehrer said it best: Don’t write on walls if you can’t spell. although its kind of retarded, many people refuse to use ck in their chat because it stand for crip killer, so they say things like bakk or bk (bloodkiller/back). no idea if this is what it is, but also pretty ridiculous to correct cussing lmao. Please don’t insult barn animals by title for a research paper about education them to hambeastskeeping say a coop in a country house isn’t a bad idea these days. White knight fit women will outrage publicly, then quietly enter the store to pick up a pair for themselves. Watch how quickly your shareholders would turf you from the CEO chair…. I work at on of these stores part time at school so I am gonna throw my opinion in. He didn’t make the statement because he really believes it addresses the issue that brought him to the interview. The statement is completely true, having larger thighs will wear out tight pants much faster. But How to Write Scholarship Essay about Yourself | PapersMaster can say barley any fat women shopping there,the store markets to/attracts your typical middle to upper middle class young fit woman. The company has cheaped out into using thinner material and crappier stitching for the same price than when I first started working there. I think he played this well actually, he turned a legitimate issue his actual customers had with the quality of the products into a social issue circus. People don’t stop buying a product because the CEO is distasteful, they are not as dedicated to their values as they tell people. They will stop buying what wastes their money. A small amount of people are seriously outraged, most if specifically ask have a negative view. The later will have the name in their head and be more likely to stop in the store. There was an slight increase in people coming in when this happened, some would be talking about how they heard about the CEO or ask us about it…then quickly get distracted wondering if they would look like the girl on the Essential Tips For Writing An Essay With Dyslexia. - The with those yoga pants. “Do these pants make my ass look fat?” “No bitch, your ASS makes your ass look fat”. Go Chip!! He told the truth eloquently. But in America, people don’t want the truth. They want what feels good or makes them happy. He told a simple fact. Rather than accept it, women everywhere didn’t like their feeling being hurt. No he’s insensitive. Guess what ladies. The World is an insensitive and cruel place. Rather than say, hey maybe my fat ass shouldn’t be wearing these clothes until I get in shape. They choose to blame 5-Paragraph Essay Topics | CustomWritings.com Blog else and attack him for speaking the truth. Time to grow up and be adults ladies. The truth is meant to help you, not hurt you. If you can’t accept the truth, you will continue to live in a delusion. Oh man, the backlash to this could be horrible. More Fatties joining Dissertation Writing Help for Everyone. Get Dissertation gym and wearing spandex to boot. As if it doesnt make my dick go limp enough already with all the fatties Im forced to look at there now, as well as over the hill female deformities. LMFAO. Yes it could be terrifying! Zara Fashion Line: Are Americans Too Fat to… My mother, who’s in her late 50’s, wears a size small there. I feel bad for American men. I’m not defending society’s stupid reaction to what he’s writing research papers lester 14th edition pdf. His statement is absolutely spot on and everyone knows it. However, there’s certain kinds of shit that you just can’t say when you’re running a company as a CEO. 99.99% of CEOs understand this. There’s certain shit you just can’t say. It’s politics, but that’s jus tthe way the world works. I disagree. When you start sugar coting the truth or altering it so its more acceptable, you’re on a slippery slope. Speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may – sure you don’t need to vomit everything that comes to your mind, but if the situation calls for an answer than speak the answer as truthfully and faithfully as you can. I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying, but every home should have a pet animal essay a position that he’s in, there’s certain shit you can’t say. Fortunately for him, this guy is the founder of LULU and will probably be given more leeway, but any other CEO wouldn’t be a CEO for much longer. If I was a major shareholder of LULU, I’d throw this Dissertation help indiana - marshallss.co.uk out and I actually agree with what this guy said. When so many products are sold via notions of exclusivity and aspiration, I see ‘no fat chicks’ as a marketable selling point. Yeah, well the asinine stupidity of the things you’re not allowed say today correlate very closely to how much we suck as a nation and as a people. Get ready for pain….it’s coming. YOU ARE MISS OGYNISTIS. JUST BECAUSE MY ASS RESEMBLES A TUB OF LARD DOESNT MEAN I SHOULDNT BE ABLE TO WEAR LULU LEMON YOGA PANTS TO SHOW OFF MY LARD ROLLS! evil penises. You wrote “evil penises” in lowercase. Are you trying to tell us something? I’m assuming that since you are proud of being disgusting & overweight that someone along the way helped perpetuate your belief that your disgusting fat rolls are in any way shape or form acceptable to society or in any way attractive. They are not. Your family may feel obligated to lie to you, because they’re your family, but if your “friends” tell you these lies, they aren’t real friends, and if your family is lying to you, telling you that you still look good, they aren’t doing you any kind of service other than to help more people laugh at you behind your back when you walk by. I suggest you encourage your family to stop lying to you & find new friends that will be honest with you & tell you to get your fat ass on a treadmill, put down the greasy fast food, and eat a salad. I am a fairly thin & attractive female & I find it absolutely appalling that women these days would ever be proud of being overweight and undesirable. I used to be so skinny I was format for executive summary of a business plan told to gain weight because Every home should have a pet animal essay looked sickly. The only time I’ve ever been honestly overweight is after I had my child & do you know what I did? I did what any normal, sane, female that cares about her health and place in society would do – I got my ass to the gym and started eating healthier than I already did & lost the baby weight. Even to this day, when I am more than thin, I still can always find another 5 or 10 pounds I am determined to lose, even if I really don’t need to, because that is what a normal person does. I fully 110% support men not wanting anything to do with fatties & calling them out on it because I feel the exact same way & I would hope that if I ever gained more weight than is acceptable to society, someone would care enough about me to be like ‘hey fat ass put down the junk food & get your ass to a gym.’ If a friend looks like a cow and asks me how she looks, I’m not going to lie and pretend like I think she looks ok just to spare her feelings, I’m going to tell her ‘you asked for my honesty so I am going to tell you that yes, that outfit and the last 12 you just tried on ALL make you look like a cow. If you want to look skinnier, maybe you should try eating a little healthier & working out more because the only way you’re going to ever truly rock that outfit is to lose about 30 lbs.’ And as far as this particular article is concerned, I completely agree with this CEO & wish more CEOs would speak out & tell the public that if you are dumb enough to be grossly overweight AND wear their products, then no they are not going to fit right, you are probably going to rip them trying to fit in Essay USA: Buy an essay australia orders on time! - owjn.org, and you should shop for clothes that don’t make everyone else that is forced to cross paths with you want to vomit when they see you in skin tight, see through outfits, that expose your disgusting body, that (trust me) NO ONE wants to see, EVER. AT LEAST until you can get back down to an acceptable weight that doesn’t make the rest of the human race want to moo at you & throw grass at you when you walk by because they are convinced you are a cow. you’re inability to detect sarcasm is astounding. You might be the dumbest person on the internet (and that is saying something). Good thing you are overly dedicated to your weight. You need your good looks; it’s the only thing you have to survive. I pity you when you get old. I hope you have enough saved for plastic surgery. aww how precious – yet another scorned feminist or white knight offended by someone telling the truth, instead of what society wants you to regurgitate to fit the mold of everyone else out there as acceptable. I’m sorry but I refuse to condone the disgusting habits and lifestyles of ignorant idiots that think it is smart, healthy, or socially acceptable to be a disgusting cow. And I find absolute disgust in anyone that would actually be proud to be obese and vile. And you all wonder why our country, our western world, and culture that used to be a pillar of strength and envy across the globe has now become a laughing stock and a symbol of what the rest of the world is proud to say they are above. I couldn’t care less about your crusade against women who are over a size 2. I just wanted to point out that was an obvious troll post and responding with a mini essay is stupid. I don’t think you understand this. It’s quite funny actually. Like I said before, stay overly dedicated to your weight/looks – you need it to survive. Aha. Sowhat is it then? Do MEN only have a monopoly on spreading the fatty hate, or what? Either we get crucified and everyone is crying about fatties taking over the world, or we type out a bit of mutual inspirational gender fatty your embarrassing my country awareness day. But thats not good enough either is it? Because the real problem is, for you at least, its only fun if you get to say it from some imaginary, high ground, inherited by your birth right like some entitled, spoiled little shit. It’s the same people who cry about fat women, but then turn around and try to guilt trip their hot friends into sleeping with you, because you’re a “nice guy” who sits and pretends to listen and care about her, as he’s adjusting his boner in his dirty, mountain dew stained khakis. Sorry bra; It doesn’t work like that. I know your types like to cling on to the vindictive fantasy that women are going to give a shit later on, and regret not being married to you, but, women outnumber men in colleges and the work place by over a third with that number projecting to every home should have a pet animal essay higher in the next decade. The young hot pool boy is ever more attainable, without the baggage of an exwife, balding, and dirty underwear laying on the technology writing assignment. So spare me. The only thing that really counts is money, so I hate to shatter that supposed edge you think you have. I detest fatties as much as the next person, but your reaction to her post was just, dumb honestly, and over the top. This is a great article: “Truth is forbidden” couldn’t be more. Somewhat unrelated, here’s an interesting article on the effect of that “flight from truth” written by a female no less! Anyone that has a son or sons should probably send them how to write an essay using apa format an all boys school… Also, I must say to Chip, THANK YOU for making the yoga pants. To all the chicks with great bodies, that wear yoga pants, THANK YOU! For giving a gift that keeps on giving. We as men love looking at your fine asses when you wear them. Especially when some of you wear them with no CCOT - Thesis Statement (AP World History)? | Yahoo Answers. Damn. Now to all of those women (you know who you are) who have no damn business wearing yoga pants…….STOP!! I repeat……STOP! That is a VERY bad look. Please….STOP! Wear something flattering for you. Yoga pants aren’t it. ………STOP! If you are fat, yoga pants do not look good on you. STOP IT!! That’s like a fat dude wearing a muscle shirt. It’s just wrong! STOP! They were cool. Now that every girl wears them, not so much. I do not care what this guy (CEO) says in the media, or about public reaction to his words. But I cannot live without my Lululemon yoga pants (and tops)! Every time I walk out of a class in my gym, I just feel the glances at my ass. Nothing gives me more motivation to continue exercising than these looks of approval! So, you have your head on straight, rather than up your voluminous arse. Good on ya. Work, work, work Rusalka. Work it all de time. But let’s just skip that whole luring me to my every home should have a pet animal essay thang, shall we?